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AdvisorNet Financial – A true Network of Financial Advisors

They are the best around or I would not be with them.
RJ Devick, Bond and Devick FInancial Network


Press Release: AdvisorNet Financial Honored with 2 Awards at Cetera Advisor Networks Conference 2015

AdvisorNet Financial advisors feel confident to focus more of their time on business development and client relationships because they know that the administrative side of their business is handled well.

They are independent and promote a distinctive brand, but know who to call for advice on growing an existing or new segment of their business. With no quotas or sales pressure, they and their clients feel confident about the advice they receive.

AdvisorNet Financial works hard to respond quickly to our advisors. We know them by first name. We take their feedback seriously in order to develop our next generation of services. We are involved and always looking ahead to the next great opportunity.

AdvisorNet Financial welcomes your inquiries, whether you are new to our firm or need assistance in developing a new level of service and support. Call or email Dan May for more information or to set up a consultation.

Dan May
President & CEO, Registered Representative
(612) 347-8622